Man’s best friend becomes man’s biggest nightmare when they’re on the road.

According to a new British survey, drivers say a wet dog is the worst smell you can have in a car. That topped dried spilled milk, which came in second and vomit from a sick child, which took third.

Amazingly, a dirty diaper and shoes with animal excrement took ninth and tenth place, respectively. That’s right – human and animal waste are actually considered a more pleasant olfactory experience that a wet pooch. Go figure.

Here’s a look at the 10 worst smells you can possibly come across in a car:

1. Wet dog
2. Dried spilled milk
3. Child's sick
4. Teenage B.O.
5. Fast food stuck between seats
6. Forgotten fruit
7. Sweaty feet
8. Smoker
9. Dirty diaper
10. Animal mess on shoes

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