For his 'Boys 'Round Here' video, Blake Shelton used his A-list clout to recruit some high profile guest stars, like his wife Miranda Lambert, her bandmates in Pistol Annies and his 'The Voice' Season 2 team member RaeLynn, among others. They're all revelers at a party that looks like it could go horribly wrong and off the rails, but in the end, it's a good time for all the attendees.

The ladies and tons of other friends are having a porch party, sipping from their red Solo cups while Shelton sits with his feet up on the railing.

The party in the barn is soon crashed by a bunch of hip-hoppers -- one resembles rapper Lil Jon, with his shiny grill, and the lovable bartender from 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' -- that Shelton had seen earlier in the day while out for a ride in his big, red, country truck. At first, you might think a rumble is about to take place, but everyone quickly lets the music take hold, and it's not long that you realize they're all friends. Soon, folks are dancing and fraternizing in their own style.

There's even some pigs getting in on the action. Yes, swine. And cows. Chickens, too -- it is a country music video, after all.

One scene shows us the Annies looking angelic down by the riverside, but for the most part, the 'Boys 'Round Here' video is about the fist bumps, the dance moves, the bottle of Jack and the party and all of us just getting along. It offers a subtle social commentary on the lines drawn in the sand between people and genres based on outside factors -- and how music can unify.

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