Here come the 'Men in Black...4'! That's right -- as if you weren't expecting it -- a fourth installment of the alien police franchise is coming our way, and if you were thinking this might fizzle out, we've learned that Sony has hired a new writer for the project. So, yeah, it's official.

The Wrap recently learned that Sony has secretly (though, now that part's irrelevant) moved along with 'Men in Black 4,' hiring Oren Uziel to pen the script for the next adventure in the Will Smith- and Tommy Lee Jones-led franchise. But before he does that, he has to finish writing '21 Jump Street 2.'

All other details, including if the leading duo will return, are being kept under wraps, though we can't imagine a 'Men in Black 4' without Smith and Jones. Not to mention Barry Sonnenfeld has directed all three of the past installments, and that'd be another surprise if he didn't return once again.

On top of 'MIB4' and '21 Jump Street 2,' Uziel has a busy schedule ahead of him -- aside from also writing his monster movie mashup 'The Kitchen Sink' -- another Sony picture that sees a vampire, zombie and human team up to stop an alien invasion --  he's working on Paramount's 'God Particle,' and he was previously hired to co-write the 'Mortal Kombat' reboot for New Line and adapt the Chuck Klosterman novel 'Downtown Owl.'

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