Texans love a good time, and plenty of Texans love a good prank (though not all Texans do, so you know, pull those pranks wisely). Have you heard of any of these April Fools' Day anecdotes, pulled by Texans on Texans?

No Lion In Amarillo

On April 1, 1929, it's reputed that the staff at the Amarillo National Bank set a large cage in front of the bank with this note: "Do not be alarmed. April Fools. There is no lion in this cage." Passersby were puzzled, and apparently a few concerned citizens even contacted law enforcement. All in good fun, Amarillo. No lion.

Armadillo Races of Dallas

In 1981, Dallas pranksters send out flyers inviting the public to attend the "First Annual Armadillo Derby". Interested parties showed up at the park to watch the armadillos compete, only to realize they had been April-fooled by fellow townsfolk.

Wichita Falls Moves South

On April 1, 2013, residents of Austin woke to alterations of a popular city mural. The "Greetings From Austin" mural now read "Greetings From Wichita Falls"; images of Austin had been swapped out for images of Wichita Falls. A group of friends from Wichita Falls had produced oversized decals and covered the mural overnight, creating a momentarily sticky situation.

Denton Police Cats

In 2019, the Denton Police posted on the department's Facebook page about a new "Police Cat" program to be implemented. The felines - dressed in tiny law enforcement uniforms - would purportedly be assisting with drug searches, among other tasks. Denton Police used the light-hearted pranky post as a way to encourage pet adoption.

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