Texas is about to get stank hot.

This is why, in recent weeks, when someone in my house suggests a fun activity for the family to participate in - "We need to hike the Abilene State Park!" - after I agree, I quickly add: "Before it gets hot." Our list of outdoor things to do "before it gets hot" continues to accumulate while the window for temperate Texas temps is quickly sliding shut.

Summer season in Texas is revving up and gunning its motor. I'm writing this the last week of April and it's already a sweaty-ish 88 degrees out there.

At some point in the next month or so, our nearest solar star will be blasting us with its rays and setting us all on edge till the next gust of cool air (maybe November?). And isn't it nuts that states like Washington, Minnesota and Maine barely crack 90 degrees ever, even at the height of summer?

Of course, with the global warming conundrum upon us, the climates of these northern states could turn toastier too. But we're not here for depressing doomsday talk at the moment. Just discussing a simple springtime bucket list that beats the heat.

Some of our family's "before it gets hot" plans include leisurely strolling about Allen Ridge, mini-golfing at Play Faire Park, wandering around the Abilene Zoo, and lounging on the outdoor patio at Miguel's.

Included below are several other general activities to squeeze into our schedule before the Texas summer swelter descends. Then? We'll be lounging in a friend's pool until Halloween.

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Before It Gets Stanky Hot In Texas...

Springtime stuff to do in Texas before another sweltering summer settles over the land.

Gallery Credit: Jana Keyes

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