Garden-fresh tomatoes ripened by the Texas sun truly cannot be beat. Herbs plucked from a pot on your porch will always taste better than days-old herbs from the grocer. And as a former owner of backyard chickens, I can vouch for the quality of fresh-laid eggs. There's just something about food grown in your own yard that makes it taste all the more delicious. Why not coffee?

While it is certainly possible for an individual to grow their own coffee beans, the environmental habitat must be appropriate. Here are some matters to consider:


Coffee plants prefer tropical climates with temperatures consistently between 60°F and 70°F.


Coffee plants grow best in partial shade. In a yard, beans need to be in an area with filtered light, or that receives morning sun and afternoon shade.


Coffee plants prefer well-drained, acidic soil that is kept consistently moist.


Coffee plants require regular watering. Drought is not well-tolerated.

The fact that coffee plants require tropical conditions to thrive could make growing one's own cup of joe in Texas a challenge. Due to the state's generally drier conditions, beans - also known as cherries - likely will not grow well in most areas.

However, certain regions, particularly in southeast Texas near the Gulf Coast, may have suitable enough conditions for growing. These areas typically have milder temperatures, higher humidity, and more rainfall, resembling a tropical climate. Some gardeners have had success with growing beans in more controlled environments like greenhouses.

It typically takes years for a coffee plant to produce beans in its most preferable habitat, and output from a single plant would be relatively small. But if you're a coffee fanatic with a green thumb, growing your own beans could be a rewarding endeavor.

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