Kelsea Ballerini, Colt Ford, Tyler Rich and James Dupre all released new singles this week. Check 'em out!

Kelsea Ballerini, “I Hate Love Songs”

With her new single, Kelsea Ballerini wants to get one thing straight: She hates love songs, but she loves her man. The appropriately named "I Hate Love Songs" is a slower song that has Ballerini listing out all of the things she dislikes about love: "heart-shaped tattoos," “cakes with white frosting” and “letterman jackets” (because they “don't fit”). Although the singer might hate all the cheesy things associated with loving someone, Ballerini makes a point of saying, “I hate love songs / But I love you.” “I Hate Love Songs” is off of Ballerini's latest release, Unapologetically, and will impact country radio on March 12. -- CC

Colt Ford Feat. Waterloo Revival, “Dynamite”

Colt Ford, a country rapper who co-founded Average Joes Entertainment and has six studio albums under his belt, is back with a brand-new banger dedicated to a love so explosive that it's ... well, like "Dynamite." Ford gets an assist from Nashville duo Waterloo Revival on this one, in order to add some melodic country flavor to the chorus over Ford's bourbon-and-smoke, gravelly vocals. "She packs a pistol in her purse / This girl's James Dean, she'll hit you where it hurts / The real deal, don't care what anybody think / She gets what she wants, finds what she needs," he sings, describing a girl who -- just like dynamite -- is unpredictable, strangely seductive and probably a little dangerous. -- CL

Tyler Rich, “The Difference”

From listening to Tyler Rich's newest single "The Difference," you'd think that he's been in the country music game for years: With its lilting melody and sweet lyrical setup, the single has all the makings of a hit. However, Rich only recently signed to Big Machine Label Group last December, and "The Difference" is his first release under that label. Rich brought a lifelong love of country music into the recording studio and the writing room, aided by a little sprinkling of magic dust from established songwriters and performers including Rhett Akins, Ben Burgess, Devin Dawson and Jacob Durrett. With lyrics like "There's a hell of a difference in saying three words / and kinda just meaning two, / There's a difference in 'love ya' and 'I love you / And I wanna be that difference," the song questions how to know when to take a friendship to the next level. -- CL

James Dupre, “Hurt Good”

The Voice alum James Dupre’s new single, "Hurt Good," is about when being with someone feels good but also so wrong, for any number of reasons. Dupre sings about being caught in that limbo in the chorus: “Come on, crash my bed / Girl, wreck my head / Do me all night long / Do me right, do me wrong / Come on, kiss me, kill me / Leave me empty, steal my shirt / Yeah, this is gonna hurt good.” Throughout the song, there is a warmth to Dupre’s baritone voice that adds to the raw emotion of the song. -- CC

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