Country artists shared a wide variety of new music videos this week, including up-tempo dances, somber reflection, and even a couple very special collaborations! Read on to watch them all.

Loretta Lynn, "Ain't No Time to Go":

Loretta Lynn's poignant new video for "Ain't No Time to Go" speaks to longevity, faithfulness and tradition, something that the country music legend knows a little bit about. Against the setting of a small town dance hall, Lynn's recognizable voice is backed by a rollicking Appalachian band which includes her son, Ernest Lynn, on guitar.

“I been here all along and I ain't going nowhere. I ain't," Lynn shares of the song in a press release. The bittersweet tune was written by Lynn and her daughter Patsy, and echoes the hope of prolonged companionship.

Tenille Townes, "Somebody's Daughter":

Telling the story of a life that has jumped the tracks, the video for Tenille Townes' "Somebody's Daughter" re-imagines a childhood long lost in the heartbreaking images of a homeless woman that no one can see as the once adored child of a doting father.

It makes me so happy to have this video out in the world, telling a visual story of this song with a message that is so important to me." Townes shares in press release. "My hope is for people to feel empowered to recognize those around us. We’ve all got a story and something we’re working through and I believe the little things count. There’s a lot we can learn from a kid at a lemonade stand.”

Colt Ford, "Time Flies" (feat. Toby Keith): 

Colt Ford cuts loose with a special guest in the happy-go-lucky video for his song "Time Flies." The spoken-word lyrics play on words as Ford and Toby Keith entertain revelers at a beachside tiki bar.

"It was a bucket list for me to work with Toby – always has been," Ford tells PopCulture. "We have become great friends, and I am learning so much from him about music and the business side of things side as well. This song was just the perfect fit for us. It’s a fun and happy sing-along and drink along-song. Who better to give you that than Toby Keith and Colt Ford!"

Adam Hood, "She Don't Love Me" (feat. Brent Cobb):

Brent Cobb joins Adam Hood in the music video for a song that the pair co-wrote, along with Josh Abbott, called "She Don't Love Me." The gritty narrative opens with a sinister scene, as the singing corpse of Hood is laid to rest in a shallow grave. It's a flash forward from the rest of the story, which the video plays out against Hood and Cobb's blues-driven, hard-rocking soundtrack. Don't worry about Hood though -- you can't keep a good man dead for long.

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