This week's new country music videos celebrate '90s grunge, the importance of striking a balance in life, and much more. Read on to get to know all the latest new releases from your favorite artists!

Scotty McCreery, "In Between":

Scotty McCreery's "In Between" music video gives fans an inside look at the jet-setting, crowd-filled, star-studded aspect of his life, as well as the personal aspect. There are shots of his jam-packed shows, autograph sessions and star-filled scenes, but the glamour and hectic pace are balanced with more private scenes: His honeymoon with wife Gabe Dugal McCreery (in Bora Bora), sunshine-filled walks with their yellow lab, Moose, and peaceful dinners at home.

“One of the things I’ve learned through traveling around the country is that people are a lot more alike than we are different,” says McCreery in a press release. “We’re all rarely 100% one thing or the other. We usually are somewhere in between. Using that as the theme, I think this video gives viewers a good idea of what the different aspects of my life are like.”

His sentiments reflect the "In Between" lyrics perfectly: “I'm in between Friday night wild and quiet Sunday morning / Between done after one and keep on pourin’ / Ain't too high, ain't too low, just holding down the middle, steady as I go / I ain't all holy water and I ain't all Jim Beam / I'm somewhere in between." Texas-based filmmaker Jeff Ray directed the video. -- CV

Colt Ford, “We the People”:

Colt Ford has released his "We The People" music video, and it will make you laugh -- and think. It begins with Ford walking up to the podium at a press conference about "We The People" and his new music. He wears an Air Force One jacket, and a bodyguard tails his every move.

In the clip directed by Ed Pryor, Ford's intent is to bring all kinds of Americans together and find common ground, demonstrating how we are more alike than different. "The bottom line is I have a platform, as do all artists and entertainers, and we have a choice about what to do with it," Ford says in a press release. "I don't wanna be negative. I wanna be positive. I don't wanna push my ideas of politics or my agenda. I wanna use my platform to unite people and show everyone we are not that different."

He penned an essay for, where he writes, "We have so many things we can agree on, like how cancer sucks. We want clean air and water for the entire world. I promise that people from every background, upbringing, race and religion all want good things for our kids and for our families."

He also spills some news on future music in the video. Hint: It's good news. "The fans want the music and they want a lot," Ford says. Watch the video to hear what he's going to do about fan demand! -- CV

Rodney Crowell, "Flatland Hillbillies":

Rodney Crowell pays a visit to West San Antonio Street in New Braunfels, Texas in the music video for "Flatland Hillbillies," where he's joined by several locals. As the video plays out, Crowell's fellow Texan Randy Rogers makes an appearance. Rogers also lends his trademark vocals to the tune, along with Lee Ann Womack. Crowell and his small-town cronies cruise the streets with a spin or two, moving in time to his signature poetic lyrics. This song is all about making do with what you've got as a "Flatland Hillbilly." -- LS

Tucker Beathard, "Better Than Me":

Tucker Beathard goes full '90s in the music video for his latest single, "Better Than Me." Directed by Justin Clough, the video is an homage to the band influences of his youth, including Blink 182, Green Day and Foo Fighters. Beathard's dramatic bent shines through as the vengeful ex-boyfriend trying to sabotage his former girlfriend's new flame.

“The fun thing about music videos is that it gives you the chance to offer up a whole other perspective to a song,” Beathard says in a press release. “We definitely went in a sarcastic direction and brought in the style of the videos I loved growing up. It was awesome being able to take on another character in the video. Justin, the director, really understood where I wanted to take it and we were able to let loose and just have some fun.” - LS

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