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Abilene's longest singing vocal chorus is still together and active today in Abilene. The Memory Men Chorus was founded in 1949 (the above photo is from 1975). The group came to be because of V.C. Perini who returned to Abilene from a business trip with the idea. He had seen a similar group in Chicago and was impressed with their sound.

While barbershop quartets are not as popular today, The Memory Men Chorus Of Abilene is still making memories, although under a new name. Today, the famed Memory Men Chorus of Abilene is called The A Capella Fellas and continues the tradition of singing songs of love and endearment around the Abilene area.

Warning: Abilene's Memory Men Are Known to Cause 'Watery-Eye Syndrome'

If the truth is known, I'm an old romantic, and I love their sound and their songs. However, sending them to go sing to your Valentine on Cupid's special day, is a gamble, how well I know. Just be ready to get a tear-filled call afterward.

I arranged for the Memory Men to go sing a song of love to my wife on Valentine's Day, many years ago. I was sure it was going to be a big hit with my wife, right? Wrong! Instead of singing to her in her private little office, the doctors asked that the Memory Men do it in the lobby of the practice in front of the staff and all the patients.

From what I saw and remember there wasn't a dry eye in the crowd (except my wife's eyes) and smiles all around (except for my wife). At first, she was extremely embarrassed but in the end, love was in the air everywhere. Memories made to last a lifetime.

These Memory Men or A Capella Fellas perform 4-part Acappella harmony music in traditional, gospel, patriotic, classic, western, and modern pop harmonies.

The first formal men’s barbershop quartet-style singing began in the mid in the 1930s. That is called the Barbershop Harmony Society. Many people think that the group only sings music common around the turn of the century. But actually, they sang whatever was or is popular at the time.

Today the Abilene group is very popular for performing the National Anthem at sporting events including Cooper High, Abilene High, Hardin-Simmons, McMurry, and Abilene Christian basketball home games. They've also performed for the Chamber of Commerce, Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau, Buffalo Gap Historical-Village, Dyess Air Force base as well as at the Expo Center.

The A Capella Fellas are always looking for other men that would love to sing in a-cappella style. The group is under the direction of Ricky Barringer. They rehearse every Monday evening at 7 pm. The group meets at First Baptist Church, 302 Hickory Street.

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