The Buck Creek Mountain Bike Trail just north of Abilene is a favorite for cyclists in the Big Country region. But you can't just roll up and pedal out when the mood hits. This particular trail is under lock-and-key. However, for the cost of a one-time day pass (or an annual membership), you can purchase access to these miles of scenic trails managed by the Abilene Bike Club.

Pedaling through the rugged Texas terrain could provide a scenic afternoon adventure, while simultaneously boosting your cardiovascular health. The trail has varying degrees of difficulty. Helmets are required. Be sure and pack plenty of water too. It's Texas, y'all.

Where is the Buck Creek trail located?

The almost 14 miles of bike trails are located on E Phantom Hill Road (also known as E Lake Road), immediately north of the Abilene Environmental Lab.

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Google Maps

How do you access the Buck Creek trail?

Stop by Biketown at 1789 Industrial Boulevard and request a membership or a day pass to Buck Creek. Depending on whether you purchase a membership or day pass, you will be provided with a key or a combination to the gate at the trail.

What is the cost of accessing the Buck Creek trail?

A day pass costs $10. A yearly membership costs $30 and provides access to the trail for all immediate family members.

Why is the Buck Creek trail gated?

The City of Abilene owns the property, and the Abilene Bike Club maintains and insures the land. Membership fees cover maintenance and insurance costs.

Buck Creek Bike Trail is closed when it rains. Updates can be found at Biketown's Facebook page. Memberships must be purchased in person at Biketown. Happy trails, riders.

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