Tea seems to be the newest cup of joe. With tea shops experiencing a recent surge in popularity, corner coffee joints appear to have a rising competitor when it comes to the beverage market. This is probably of no surprise to anyone in Texas.

The history of tea reaches back so far that its beginnings are steeped in mystery. Legend tells that the first cup of tea was accidental, after leaves fell from a tree into a Chinese emperor's pot of drinking water in 2737 B.C.

While there is no way to confirm this anecdote, tea certainly had origins in the Far East culture for centuries before migrating to Europe, and then on to North America.

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Growing up in Texas and Louisiana, I recall memories of my grandparents "sun-brewing" a pitcher of tea on the back porch. This was the tea of my childhood. Sweetened black tea, poured over ice. A beloved beverage in Texas and the Deep South.

In adulthood, my tea repertoire has broadened. Tea time is much more than the standard iced tea of my youth. Both the flavors and healing properties are many. Herbal hot teas are my jam.

However, hot tea is less my jam when slogging through a triple-digit Texas summer. So I've been considering my iced tea options in the coming months. With June officially deigned as National Iced Tea Month, I thought it made sense to share some West Texas shops that specialize in iced tea.

If you're out and about in Abilene at any point during the forthcoming season known as So Hot I Can Barely Move, an already brewed cup of tea on the rocks could help take the edge off.





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