Dinner bell's ringin' in West Texas. Are you discerning about where you buy your meals? We get it. Are you influenced by others' opinions about where to have a delicious dish dished up? We all are. It helps to know where to find the tried-and-true dives and grills, wherever you reside.

And so...for those living in or driving through the Abilene area, we cooked up a sweet little something. If you're wanting the best of the best for your next meal, these twelve beloved West Texas brick-and-mortar restaurants are rated at four-and-a-half stars or higher on Yelp (a five-star review is what everyone here is aiming for).

To make it an even more enriching dining experience, engage with your servers and ask for culinary recommendations. Being both friendly and curious is a great way to familiarize yourself with the menu if you're new to the joint - or to find something new to try if you're a regular.

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Another perk of dining at these Abilene area restaurants is that your hard-earned dollars go toward supporting small local businesses. Shopping and eating local nurtures community relationships and strengthens the regional economy. Win win.

Whether you're craving Texas comfort food or more exotic fare, this list of a dozen excellent Big Country restaurants has a variety of offerings. Next time you're heading out or picking up in the Abilene area, order up at one of these eateries that's won oodles of stars from fellow diners. Dig in and savor every bite.

Be sure to visit sites and call stores to doublecheck business hours.

Highest Rated Restaurants in Abilene Texas

These Texas establishments are Abilene's highest-rated restaurants, according to Yelp reviews.

Gallery Credit: Jana Keyes

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