The term "redskins" is so offensive to members of the Oneida Indian Nation that it's now omitting the word from official communications.

In a press release issued about new poll data showing fan support for the team even if the name is officially changed, Oneida Nation spokesmen Joel Barkin and Brett Stagnitti refer to the pro football franchise as "Washington's NFL Team," and the team's name as "the R-word slur."

Oneida Indian Nation
Oneida Indian Nation

By drawing a correlation between the "r-word" and the "n-word," which is regarded almost universally as being offensive in most circles, it is thought that the Oneida Indian Nation may be psychologically strengthening the case in favor of a name change. Such a move is opposed by many as counterintuitive to the long-standing tradition of the NFL franchise.

Team owner Dan Snyder has opposed the name change and has publicly stated that, while sensitive to the feelings of Native Americans, he has no interest in changing the Washington Redskins' name or mascot.

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