A new book by Dr. Elizabeth Plourde C.L.S. declares that, sunscreen that has kept millions around the world from frying like bacon in the sun and protected us from contracting skin cancer, may in fact be causing the very cancer we are protecting ourselves from. Not to mention that sunscreen is killing the coral reefs around the world.


Dr. Plourde is using this expertise to focus her attention on the hazards of sunscreens and how they are impacting our children and the environment. Her information brings to light what has been clearly proven in studies for decades regarding the harm sunscreen chemicals cause.

Dr. Plourde has spent the last 25 years researching and bringing common sense answers to the public regarding their health and standard medical practices.

Her extended research on sunscreens revealed how hazardous to all life and all water habitats of the world where there has been human activity. Finding out that sunscreen chemicals cause harm has made her redouble her efforts in getting the information out to the entire global community. Her common sense answers for treating disease that the standard medical practices and the health care industry do not recognize.

There are many physicians and health care practitioners who have scores of patients who get better with Dr. Plourde's protocol and approaches. Everyone needs to know there are other options available from these health care practitioners who think beyond the "standard of care" offered.

Action needs to be taken quickly to prevent any more detrimental effects caused by unrestricted distribution of sunscreens containing chemicals that do more harm than good.

In a recent article in the JAMA, a 20 year study by the FDA was finally released on sunscreens. The research was so revealing and shocking that labeling and product posturing will be completely redone by summers end 2012.

Expect your favorite sunscreens to get a complete makeover in it's claims or it will be removed off store shelves all together.

An alternative to store-bought sunscreen, is making your own organic-non-toxic sunscreen.

Rather than protecting us and our children, sunscreens:

increase the risk of melanoma.

Increase risk of skin cancers.

•97% Americans have sunscreen chemicals in their blood.*

•Pass through the placenta, altering crucial male/female sex differentiation.

•Pass into mother's milk, causing hormone disruption.

•Cause men's breasts to grow.

•Block vitamin D synthesis epidemic of vitamin D deficiency disease.

Mother nature provides natural sun protection all can use safely.

All this and more is provided in:

Sunscreens — Bio-hazard, Treat as Hazardous Waste


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