It's something that's hard to escape from this time of year. This crazy Abilene heat. It's like stepping out into a natural hair dryer. You can't ignore it, especially once a month on your electricity bill. Sure, the heat plays a big part in driving that bill up but the summertime is just a busy time. More activities, friends, and family coming to visit, whatever the case may be. It all means dollars in the end.

I don't know about you, but I like saving where I can. Sometimes taking a few extra steps can not only save time but money. Help is here. There are ways that not only make sense but can really add up to the saving. Let's check out 6 ways to save money on your electricity bill.

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Photo: koinseb

Program Your Thermostat

If your thermostat is programmable, try adjusting the temperature in your home for when you're away or sleeping at night. Even adjusting by a few degrees could help.


Photo: Erik Mclean/Unsplash/Canva
Photo: Erik Mclean/Unsplash/Canva

Avoid Using the Oven

You'd be surprised how much heat can be given off by a hot oven. Try using a microwave oven or even grilling outdoors.

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Use Curtains and Blinds

Just the sun shining through a window can raise that housing temperature right up. I use black-out curtains and love them. They really help.

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Adjust the Temperature a Few Degrees Higher

Are you gone from home a lot? Consider setting your thermostat a few degrees higher. This can save money by not cooling your home as much when you're not there.


Photo: Nicolas Solerieu/Unsplash/Canva
Photo: Nicolas Solerieu/Unsplash/Canva

Check Windows and Doors for Leaks

Heat will make its way into your home any way it can. That includes cracks and leaks. Do a quick self-inspection as you never can be too sure.

More energy-saving tips are available online.

I've already seen my electric bill increase due to this time of year and I'm sure you have too. Hopefully, by trying some of the tips above we'll be able to beat this heat not only physically but financially too.

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