Sometimes the Air Conditioning or electricity may go out and with the ERCOT (electric reliability council of Texas) threatening to do the rolling blackouts again due to electricity consumption. I started thinking about how would I stay cool if I didn't have A.C. at all. And I came up with a few thoughts. Kind of scary huh?

When I was in college air conditioning was in short supply to a school kid, I would put bowls of ice in front and behind the fan and it would offer a little relief next to the bed, plus I always managed to fall asleep fast enough before the ice melted.

Another trick was, hanging wet towels or sheets by opened windows. I would also cut up old socks and use them as really wide wrist-bands, I would wet them this too offered relief from the heat.

I did however, find this how-to video it had a lot of the same ideas and then some I never thought of. Check it out.

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