This past week has been brutally hot. The "heat wave" has us all cranking the AC, firing up the box fans, and praying for rain.

According to a study that was done recently by WalletHub, Texas ranks in the bottom half of the nation when it comes to how expensive energy costs are. That's a good thing. That means we pay less than half of the U.S.

The study ranks us 36 in the nation when it comes to how expensive electricity is. We rank 48 in price of motor fuel. Where things get a little costly is the cost of natural gas. We rank 22.

What is most interesting, is that we use a lot of energy in the Lone Star State. We rank number 7 in the U.S. for the amount of electricity we use. We rank 14 for usage of motor fuel. They cost less than half the U.S., despite us using a lot of it.

When it comes to natural gas, we rank 44 for the amount we use.

I can already hear the armchair economists saying, "Well yeah, we use more so it costs less, and we use less natural gas so it costs more."

Slow down. We rank 33 overall. Which means, even though our costs are relatively low compared to everyone else, it's by no means the cheapest. We use enough of it to make up for the lower price.

You can see a full breakdown of the study by following this link to WalletHub's website. Also be sure to check out these tips from Xcel on how to keep your bill low.

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