Today's world is technology driven. Everywhere you look, iPhones, iPads, iPods. While there are great benefits to much of this technology, I think there is also a downside. However, I finally gave into peer pressure and finally joined the ranks of the 'cool kids' and got myself an iPhone.

Until a week ago I was carrying a flip phone. It was a very high tech flip phone, it was in fact a 'smart phone'. Now the phone was capable of fancy stuff like getting emails, or internet connection but I never used them, didn't even have the email set up on it. I just liked the phone because it was sturdy; it was a Motorola Tundra. You could set this phone on fire and not hurt it.

Everybody kept teasing me about it, telling me I needed an iPhone. If I had one of these phones I could do anything and everything. It was almost like it came with it's own little cape. I resisted for a long time but last week I broke down and upgraded to the iPhone 4.

I had so much anxiety about moving to this phone, it seriously was a big deal for me. I would think about doing it and then back out. I even went so far as going into the store, talked to them about what the changes to my bill would be and what the benefits of the iPhone would be compared to my current phone and still walked out empty handed. I guess I just don't want to become 'addicted' to my phone. I see couples in restaurants that don't even talk to each other because they are on their phones, texting or emailing or whatever. I don't want to become that person.

I do like some of the features on the iPhone. I like this 'face time' calling, that's pretty cool. I like being able to take photos with it and then posting them straight to Facebook. I can get coupons and discounts from my favorite stores with their apps. I have a news app and a flashlight and bar code scanner app. I also like the texting with emoticons; I've had some fun with that too. So I'm not totally against this I just don't want to be dependent on it for everything.

I think I'm already screwed!

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