Hey hey, plant people. Townsquare Abilene and Jan-Jan’s Nursery are collaborating to celebrate moms and all the plants with our special "May Is for Mothers" contest. Each week during the month of May, we'll be giving away a Jan-Jan's plant to one fortunate winner. You dig?

Enter the contest anytime until May 31, 2024. Winners will be selected on May 13, May 20 and May 31, each taking home a plant from Jan-Jan's. To enter the contest, download the app (find the button below) and fill out the entry form. It's that simple.

Whether you’re a master gardener or just beginning to green your thumbs, these plant prizes are a fun opportunity to brighten up your yard, porch, home or office - or the space of a mom you love.

If you're interested in seeing what Jan-Jan's has to offer, visit Jan-Jan's Facebook page or take an easy road trip to their nursery in Rising Star (about an hour southwest of Abilene). Besides the potential winning of a pretty plant, participating in the May Is for Mothers contest is a great way to support local business like Jan-Jan’s.

Looking to green up your space? Plant yourself in the running for this springtime contest, courtesy of Jan-Jan's Nursery. The May Is for Mothers contest is the perfect opportunity to put your name in the pot. Branch out, turn over a new leaf, and let your inner gardener blossom.

Are our plant puns growing on you yet? Good luck with the contest, and a blooming Mother's Day shout-out to all the moms. Especially Mama Nature 😉

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