I hate these kind of days, because it never seems to fail it's another cute dog or cat that is being euthanized. Time has run out for "Mercy-Me".

Mercy me Female Dog From Rescue the Animals

Mercy-Me, this sweet girl was found on death row in the Big Spring animal control. Our dear friend Joann took one look at her and said. Mercy me, and the name stuck. She pulled her because she thought she was pregnant. Under all the tangles and knots was found a beautiful face. She was not pregnant and is now ready for a loving home.

Thank you to all that came out for the big "North Shore Animal League Pet Rescue last Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Because of your loving kindness 177 cats, dogs, kittens and puppies were spared the death penalty. So thank you and God bless you all. If you have pictures of the big event please share them.

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