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Many pets have been displaced because of the raging wildfires going on around all of West Texas and our area animal shelters need pet food, blankets, towels, medical supplies, wraps, bandages, medical tape, and any donations to be able to help care for all the dogs and cats that have been picked up or rescued due to the fires.

Rescue the Animals, and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is needing and collecting pet food donations for ALL the animal shelters in and around the Eastland area. The local SPCA is seeking immediate donations of medical supplies as many of the animals that have been picked up have been burned or injured due to the fires.

Eastland animal control officer Cathy is also asking for pet food specifically dog food as that has been the most common animal picked up in and around the Eastland area. Donations can be dropped off in Eastland Animal control or dropped off at Tractor Supply's two Abilene locations.

Rescue the Animals, SPCA has delivered an emergency load of pet foods on March 22nd and will forward other donations as they continue to receive them. Jackson Brothers is a drop-off location and they will be driving delivery trucks there regularly.

FOOD DONATION LOCATIONS: Jackson Brothers Feed 3818 S. Treadaway, Jackson Brothers Feed 241 S. 11th

Donated food, medical supplies, and all donations will be delivered to the Eastland Animal Shelter and then shared with other shelters in the area. The animals that have arrived at the shelters will be held until they're reunited with their original families.

The animal shelters in these burned-out areas are out of dog food and desperately need medical supplies as mentioned above. Please give.

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