Parker McCollum is sharing a taste of his forthcoming album Never Enough with a new song, "Speed," released on Friday (March 10). With strong country instrumentation and a driving rhythm, McCollum sings of the excitement of a fast-paced lifestyle in the tune.

McCollum wrote "Speed" with Ryan Beaver, and the song characterizes the open-road feeling of being young and setting out on the road in search of a dream. As he begins the semi-autobiographical tune, he looks back on being a young man "just out of Conroe" (his hometown in Texas) and "lookin' for somethin' a little bit louder." The lyrics don't give much sense of a plan — except for taking a love interest along for the ride in the second verse — but wherever this song's character is going, he wants to get there fast.

The chorus gets across the free-spirited message: "Hammer down, never stickin' around, head harder than a tree / Foot on the gas, never lookin' back and always ready to leave / I remember shakin' my head when my old man told me / 'Boy, one of these days, you won't always be hung up on speed.'" 

McCollum says the song comes from his own "obsession" with a fast-paced lifestyle, and it serves a reminder to him to slow down.

"My song ‘Speed’ is about my obsession with living fast," he says of the song. "Life is always going a hundred miles an hour and it’s important to try and be aware of that and slow things down every now and then. As you get a little further along in life you start to enjoy the slow and easy life. It takes a little reflection and a little step back from everything to realize how important it is."

McCollum announced news of his sophomore major-label album on Feb. 16. The project will feature 15 tracks, including his current single, "Handle on You." The singer released two other tracks — "Stoned" and "I Ain't Going Nowhere" — which will also be included on the album. Never Enough drops May 12th on MCA Nashville.

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