I’m positive that I am not the only person in Texas who enjoys going out to eat, it always seems to be a little bit better than what you make at home, probably because you don’t actually have to do the cooking or cleaning. But as we all know going out to eat has become more of an expense lately. Most of that has to do with costs going up for the restaurants which gets passed along to the customer. But there are some things you can do to try and save some money while going out to eat.  

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Seeing as how we all enjoy going out to eat but it seems to be costing more and more, I wanted to pass along some of the details I read recently coming from financial guru Dave Ramsey. You may or may not agree with his financial practices, but he does have some good ideas on how you can save some money while taking your family out to eat. 

Make Sure You Have Money to Tip Your Server 

While everyone might be tight on cash due to inflation, if you’re going out to eat, make sure you have money to tip your server. These food service works pay their bills from the tips they receive, their hourly pay does basically nothing. While it might sound harsh, if you don’t have money to tip, maybe you should just eat at home and save up a bit more to enjoy your meal out next time. 

Let’s Look at Some Money Saving Tips 

If you’re wanting to dine at a sit-down restaurant and still save some money while you’re there, here is a look at some tips that can help you save some cash.  

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