Ok, so I'm happy that we are in the final stages of talks about a second stimulus check. At least I'd like to think we're in the "final stages", we'll see. Whether it's $600 (lame, honestly) or $2000, the American people could use some help.

But while we're all anxiously awaiting that direct deposit...so are scammers. So I'll help you get ahead of them by letting you know a few moves you need to keep an eye out for.

Not only can these scams get your money stolen, but scammers can also get access to a lot of your personal information. Check out a few scams I found according to CNET. Let's dig in...

  1. CLICK TO CLAIM TEXTS/EMAILS: These are a given. You click the link in the text or email and will ask you to "verify" information. The government is not going to communicate with you via text message - let's be real - and an email is not going out with a floating link. You will also NOT have to "claim" your stimulus check via text...or at all.
  2. SPEEDING UP YOUR CHECK DELIVERY: Scammers will ask you to verify your information in order to get your check faster. This can be done via text, email, or phone call. There is nothing you can do to get your check faster. Don't fall for it - especially by giving them your SSN.
  3. YOU GET A CALL FROM THE "IRS": Like you're probably reminded every tax season, the IRS is not going to call you! But if you do get a call, look out for these scammers using terms like "stimulus check" or "stimulus payment". According to the IRS, the official term is "economic impact payment".
  4. RETIREES, SOMEONE OFFERS TO SUBMIT INFORMATION ON YOUR BEHALF: The IRS says retirees don't need to take action to receive a stimulus check if they don't normally file a tax return.
  5. YOU MUST PAY AN AMOUNT TO GET YOUR CHECK: The IRS is going to direct deposit your check into your bank account used in your last tax return. They are not going to give you your check then ask you for money. If you owe money to the IRS, you could have a whole new problem on your hands.

If you want information on when your stimulus check money can and can't be taken from you, we covered that earlier this year for you. Check it out here.

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