Nowadays you can't log on to social media without seeing some kind of scam in the name of legitimate companies. Some of these scams seem believable but there are ways to prevent falling victim to them.

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The scam in question today is one that deals with Texas Roadhouse offering a free meal for two, with drinks, if you share their content on social media. In this case, Facebook.

Their requirements are merely to comment and share the post. However, if you pay close attention to the page, it's named Texas Roadhouse's NOT Texas Roadhouse. A simple apostrophe and the letter S can easily be overlooked because the rest of the page looks legit.

Take a further look and you'll notice the name of the page is @roadros.gift22 not @TexasRoadhouse.


This is one of many scams circling social media in an attempt to gain personal information from the uninformed user. Do not believe it.

As a matter of fact, Texas Roadhouse quickly noticed the scam and alerted its customers on Facebook. However, the scam is still making the rounds on social media, so don't fall victim to it.

Here's the real kicker in all of this, the scam has been alive and well since September of last year. I'm not great at math, but that's a long time for a debunked scam to be making the rounds on the ol' interwebs. That just means there are a ton of people who continue to fall prey to this stuff.

Why do scammers do this stuff?

Well, as mentioned above, they do it to gain personal information from their target. Sometimes this information is used to generate a leads list so they can spam email. Even worse, scams like this can be used to gain access to information that will allow the scammer to access your accounts.

First and foremost, set up <a href="" target="_blank">two-factor authentication</a> on all of your accounts. That way, if these scammers do gain some form of credentials to your accounts, then they won't be able to gain full access due to the second layer of protection on your account.

One thing that's not a scam and that's this steak menu hack at Texas Roadhouse. Try it on your next visit.

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