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Planning on doing any "spring home improvements" or maybe having to do some home or ranch repairs due to the recent wildfires or storms that devastated the Big Country the past two months? The Abilene Better Business Bureau (BBB) says "watch out for home improvement scams that are currently aimed at those building back after the fires here in West Texas.

Big Country residents are beginning to make repairs and or starting home improvement projects. Unfortunately, this is also the time that unethical contractors prey on unsuspecting homeowners that sustained damage to their homes or businesses and want it fixed fast.

The Abilene Better Business Bureau Director John Riggins said "there are some construction contractors that will con people out of their money by asking for cash upfront or at least a downpayment. The BBB scam tracker is showing some West Texans reporting losses, one as much as $33,000."

Riggans says "never pay full price upfront, and do some thorough research on the contractor before signing anything or paying anything. If you don't know what to do, at least go to the Better Business Bureau's website or contact the Bureau to see their BBB profile before any work begins."

Remember that a lot of construction or remodeling work may require a building permit of some kind. Make sure your contractor can get those permits. Keep in mind before your remodel or rebuild, look for handy tips on the BBB.org/HomeHQ website, and always do business with contractors that are known by and follow the "Better Business Bureau's Standards and Trust" according to the Bureau's press release.

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