Harrison Ford and Zac Efron. Not two names you'd necessarily expect to go together in a film -- especially a film being compared to 'Cape Fear.' Then you throw Rob Reiner in the mix as director and the world has gone topsy-turvy!

So what is this film, titled 'You Belong to Me,' have in store for us?

According to The Wrap, Ford is eyeing the role of the psychiatrist, who has a difficult time after one of his female patients commits suicide. He ends up bonding with her brother James (Efron), but things turn sour when James begins seducing his wife and daughter.

Um, yikes! It's initially difficult to picture Efron as a scheming lothario, but his commendable turn in 'The Paperboy' certainly indicates that the young actor is itching to shake up his career and good boy image.

This would be Reiner's first foray into psychological thriller territory since the Stephen King-adapted 'Misery,' and we all know how effective that one was. Ford and Efron have not officially signed on yet, but both actors are said to be "in negotiations."

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