The Dallas born Texas native Deryl Dodd once thought it would benefit him to move to Nashville Tennessee to further his music career, and at first it looked as if things were going to take off. By 1996, he signed to record for Sony/Columbia Records Nashville. Then ole Mister Bad Luck moves in, Deryl was hit with a bout of viral encephalitis putting his career on hold for quite some time. Today 'The Double D' man is back and releasing his latest single entitled 'Somethin' ain't Always Better Than Nothing.' Give it a listen and tell me what you think.

Now, Deryl Dwaine Dodd the all American Texas Country artist was very busy keeping the Texas honky tonks dancing before moving on to Nashville. While in Music City Dodd recorded three albums for Sony music before parting ways. His first single from his third album and the title track, “Pearl Snaps”, reached number one, on the newly created Texas music chart. This lures 'Double D' back home.

“I loved my time in Nashville. I saw and did a lot and made great friends with some very talented people. I was probably hardheaded, but I wanted to make what I knew to be country music, at a time when it was changing. It’s all about timing.”

Deryl Dodd

Today, Deryl is a main stay on the Texas Music Charts and is always a "must see" show if he's ever in your neck of the woods. Deryl is as personable in real life as he is on stage. He is the real deal and in my opinion Dodd is an awesome singer/songwriter and musician. It just don't get no better than the Pearl Snap Man.

This is Deryl Dodd's new song 'Somethin' Ain't Always Better Than Nothing'



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