...use Armadillos Carry Leprosy and I Don't Want Leprosy."

So, yeah. There's a 100% chance he shortens the title before releasing it. Perhaps "April Showers," that's gotta lil zip to it.

Koe's known for telling outlandish stories, and making up song titles in concert. It's something his fans live for. Back in 2017 before I introduced him to a sold out show he asked me to tell the crowd that he's be quitting music after this concert to work in the oil field.

So, I did. Of course he didn't.

Back in January Koe joined us on Radio Texas, LIVE! from the studio while he was working on his new project. And while he still stopped short of locking in a date for releasing the album, in true Koe fashion he's keeping us on our toes, "You know me, man. I might drop it tomorrow."

So, is it the country album that Koe has promised his fans that he will be releasing before turns 30.

"No, it's not... We're throwing out all the stops on this record. It's more alternative, southern rock, heavier rock." Koe told me. "It does have some country sounding songs, but overall it's more of an alternative record."

However he will leave a bread crumb for those grasping for it, "on the very last song of the record," Koe reveals, "you'll get a teaser of the country record. It's only about half-a-song but you'll get the teaser." Which leads me to assume that the next project could certainly be the country project. For the record, Koe turns 30 on July 14th, 2022.

Oh and just in case you missed the news, Radio Texas, LIVE! and 101.5 KNUE, the same people who bring you Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival, and the inaugural Koe Wetzel's Incredible Music Festival, are proud to bring you the inaugural DOWNTOWN Rose City Music Festival starring Koe Wetzel, on the Square in Tyler. That's the right the East Texas native is headed back home this fall. More details here.

Anyway, 'till we get the new album, check out this brand new heater he performed in St. Louis, MO over the weekend. Shout out to Stacy Mathis for posting this gem for all of us.


Twitter Celebrates Koe Wetzel Day, Feb. 28th

Singin' la la la la let's pull over
I can't hold it, will you turn the music up?
And let's play critter critter
Who is sober enough to take me to Taco Bell?

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