While Deryl is testing out the "do blondes really have more fun" theory, he decided to have a little fun of his own while making the music video for his latest single 'Somethin Ain't Always Better Than Nothin.' After seeing the video, I take it that blondes don't have more fun, or at least Deryl isn't as he's not having much luck winning the girl over either. Check it out. 

Deryl does look a whole lot different with the peroxide look he's got going on, in fact if you were to run into him on the street, would you have recognized him? I showed my coworkers Deryl's latest picture and while we are all Deryl Dodd fans, I didn't find anybody that was a real big fan of the new do. Shay said "it makes him look creepy" and Dave says "I love Deryl, in fact I think he's a great musician and all, but he needs to leave the hair do decisions to his hair stylist." As for me, I think it'll take a little getting used to. Dodd's newest video, it's pretty cute but you don't have to take my word for it, check it out for yourself. What do you think of Deryl's new blonde look?

Deryl Dodd - Somethin' Ain't Always Better Than Nothin'


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