Deryl Dodd and his neighbor went to the convenience store a few nights ago. While at the convenience store Deryl went inside to get something to eat and drink while his neighbor David was checking out the Red Box for movies outside. David said "two guys walked up, they were both wearing ski masks. The guy on my right appeared to have a gun or something he pushed it against my side and said to give up the wallet." At that very moment, Deryl walked out of the store and saw what was transpiring. Without hesitation Deryl Dodd sprang into action.

Neighbor David tells the Texas Regional Radio Report (TRRR) magazine and Deryl Dodd's Facebook page, that he knew what was about to happen, wasn't going to be real good.

Dodd's neighbor said "when Deryl came around the corner he bull-rushed the guy on my left and took him to the ground and threw several punches while the other guy turned to Deryl and struck him hard in the back of the head with whatever the object was in his hand. Deryl fell to the ground holding his head and the 2 men ran off as one of the store clerks came out, it happened so fast and i reached down to check on my friend. I pulled his hand away from his head and I saw blood. I told the store clerk to call the police."

Source: Deryl Dodd's Facebook

After the police arrived, Dodd was rushed to the hospital for evaluation. He was examined and bandaged up, no stitches just a big knot on his head. Deryl Dodd did a very brave thing and helped a friend in need. God Bless double D and lets keep him in our prayers.

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