Have you ever seen a car, truck, or motorcycle shining as bright as a diamond and then find out that gleam is all thanks to ceramic coating? Well, Abilene finally has a place, Auto Accessories and More, that will professionally install, or apply, a ceramic coating to your vehicle.

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What is ceramic coating anyway? Well, it's, basically, a polymer solution that you apply to the exterior of your vehicle that creates an additional layer of protection for your awesome paint job and manufacturer clear coat.

Much like wax, ceramic coating prevents build-up of dirt and grime. However, unlike wax, ceramic coating is semi-permanent or permanent, depending on the kind you apply to your ride.

Basically, you get much longer protection than wax and a much more beautiful shine.

I've always been amazed at how shiny one of my friend's motorcycles is because of the ceramic coating he had on it. Now, I'm stoked that Abilene has a place here in town that will apply it on whatever your driving or riding - Auto Accessories and More. Best of all, they use Ceramic Pro, which is a permanent coating.

So, if you're wanting to get a ceramic coating applied to your bike, like me, or your 4 wheel vehicle, then holler at Auto Accessories and More.

While this article is about my excitement about a shop that offers ceramic coating, they also offer, pretty much, any auto accessories for any make or model. Of course, they have professional installation, which is good for me as I'd royally screw up an application of ceramic coating.

I also appreciate that they offer the names we all know and trust in the auto accessory world, like Ranch Hand, Rhino, Weather Tech, and ReTrax.

Below is a look inside Auto Accessories and More at 3995 South 1st.

Inside Look at Auto Accessories & More

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