When taking a mini-vacation, you might not think to look just east of Abilene in the little old town of Clyde. But after seeing this house on Vrbo, that's exactly what I did over the Fourth of July weekend.

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My wife and I wanted to get away from Abilene for a few days. We wanted somewhere that had a pool and hot tub, plenty of room, and was not too far from Abilene. We just didn't feel like going to Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio, or somewhere big. We just wanted some quiet time and to be able to swim all weekend long and get sweet sunburns.

We found this Vrbo in Clyde that gave us all of those amenities. As you'll see in the gallery below, the house has a pool, hot tub, and covered patio complete with a grill, oven, tv, and even a changing room with a shower. That's just the backyard.

The house itself was awesome. I'm talking large gourmet kitchen, smart tv in every room, two relaxing media areas, and more. But, when you have a backyard with a pool and hot tub, who wants to be inside?

LOOK: Vrbo In Clyde Offers Oasis-Type Vacation

These days, people who are taking vacations or mini-vacations are looking past hotels and going the AIRBNB or Vrbo route. I can see why now. It's much more private and comfortable renting out one of these. Plus this one was literally 10 minutes away from Abilene.

So, if you're looking for a place to rent out for the weekend that has a pool and oasis-type environment, I recommend checking this Vrbo out in Clyde.

What's the difference between Vrbo and AIRBNB?

Vrbo, or "vacation rentals by owner" basically offers stand-alone vacations. AIRBNB offers stand-alone vacations as well as shared spaces and even hotel rooms. Now you know.

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