The upset-minded Utah Utes had a golden opportunity to go up 14-0 on 4th ranked Oregon Ducks Saturday. But what should have been a 2-touchdown lead for the Utes turned out to be a 7-7 tie in one of the most bizarre plays you'll ever see.

Early in the 2nd quarter Utah receiver Kaelin Clay found himself wide open, and on the receiving end of what looked like a 79-yard touchdown catch. The only problem was, he forgot to carry the football with him into the end zone. Oregon linebacker Joe Walker was trailing the play, and alertly picked up the dropped football, then proceeded to return it the length of the field for a Ducks touchdown. Oregon handily won the game 51-27, but this play clearly shifted the momentum of the game over to the Ducks.

There are boneheaded plays, and then there's this. Check it out:

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