The Navy SEAL training is legendary as the most rigorous in the world. Army Rangers train to fight and win. This Video does not do justice to the amount of dedication these great American men and women do to get ready to hunt, track-down and extinguish the enemy.

Yet all the worlds eyes have been on the American military for years, especially the elite Special Operations teams: Army Special Forces, Army Rangers, Navy SEALS, and Air Force Special Ops that truly are the best of the best in the military. These teams of specially trained warriors perform the most difficult, politically sensitive, and dangerous missions known to the Worlds military forces. It is this training that paid off in the end in putting an end to the Taliban's leader Osama Bin Laden. To all our enlisted men and women that serve, we are forever thankful for your service and dedication. No amount of thanks could ever be enough pay for all you give. May God bless our troops and God bless America.

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