Last night’s Donald Trump-hosted episode of SNL was exactly what everyone expected it to be, for better or worse. The infamous businessman, reality television star, and Presidential hopeful leaned on his persona, making a handful of obvious Rose O’Donnell jokes in his opening monologue. Thankfully, he was rescued by a few SNL cast members and a few special guests, one of whom said exactly what many viewers probably wanted to say.

Shortly into his monologue, Trump was joined on stage by Taran Killam as Trump. Shortly after that, they were both joined by former cast member Darrell Hammond doing his old impersonation of Trump. Seeing all three of them on stage together is undeniably surreal, recalling how Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin once shared the same stage with the real Sarah Palin.

However, the real headline-making moment occurred toward the end of the sketch, when a familiar voice heckled the guest host from offstage, shouting “Trump’s a racist!” It was soon revealed to be none other than the great Larry David, who was already on hand to play Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders in the cold open. As an expert in mining comedy out of awkward situations, David is the perfect guy for this gag. Although obviously a scripted moment, the Curb Your Enthusiasm star is speaking on behalf of a whole bunch of people.

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