Columbia Pictures is asking for more 'Salt'! (And you can probably expect to see a variation of that joke everywhere today.) The studio has taken the first step toward making a follow-up to the 2010 Angelina Jolie summer hit by hiring a rather unlikely screenwriter. Find out who after the break.

The Hollywood Reporter states that Columbia is in negotiations with 'Prince of Tides' scribe Becky Johnston to work on 'Salt 2' - and yes, that's the Barbara Streisand 'Prince of Tides.' Johnston also worked on the Brad Pitt drama 'Seven Years in Tibet' (ah, maybe she comes with Brad's seal of approval?) and recently wrote the Colin Firth-Emily Blunt film 'Arthur Newman.'

This isn't the first time Columbia has tried to kick-start a sequel to 'Salt' -- last year, the studio attempted to bring back Kurt Wimmer, who wrote the first film, but apparently they didn't approve of his take and have been searching for a new writer since that relationship fractured.

'Salt,' which grossed over $290 million worldwide, centered on an elite CIA operative (Jolie) who is forced to go on the run after being accused of being a traitor. Sexy ass-kicking ensued. No word on what the sequel will be about, but perhaps Ms. Salt will be on the offensive this time. Lord knows we don't mind seeing Angelina taking charge.

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