Risa Binder turns a breakup into a declaration of independence in the video for her new single, "You Haul."

The country singer's had it with her no-good man, and she decides it's time for him to vacate the premises — whether he wants to or not. While he's out of the house, she calls her girlfriends over for a "drinkin', packin' party," haphazardly throwing his stuff into boxes and tossing it onto a moving truck for him.

"I've had enough for too long / Every trip to the truck gets you closer to gone / Babe I packed it up, now you haul," she sings in the chorus, her infectious voice buoyed by powerful electric guitar chords.

Binder co-wrote "You Haul" with Vanessa Olivarez and Karl Rybacki and worked with producer Luke Wooten on the track.

"I loved every minute recording 'You Haul,'" she tells us. "It’s a super fun party vibe breakup song, letting you celebrate the next part of your life after a relationship ends. Sometimes ya got to party!"

"You Haul" is currently available via iTunes and Amazon, and Binder has also released the song to country radio.

The singer performed on the Hard Rock Stage during the 2017 CMA Fest in June, and iHeartRadio and AT&T also featured her in their About to Break series. Binder was previously nominated for an Emmy for Best Song in a Daytime Drama after her song "Just Like That" was featured on General Hospital.

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