The Farewell Angelina family is growing! One-fourth of the country quartet, Lisa Torres, is expecting a baby; she revealed the news via Taste of Country on Wednesday (July 19).

Torres is due in October. She and her husband Chadd have kept the pregnancy a secret for quite a while, though her bandmates caught on pretty fast: They started noticing small changes in Torres' behavior, they tell Taste of Country, including Torres not drinking at the end of a particularly stressful day and wearing black even though she's not a big fan of the color.

This new baby will be Torres' first biological child. She has a "bonus daughter" (her husband's child), who is hoping the new baby will be a boy, but the singer and her husband will wait to find out the baby's sex until he or she is born.

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“Things have been such a breeze for this pregnancy,” Torres admits. “I mean I’m already six months in, and haven’t had to make any adjustments so far.” (She does, however, cop to wanting ice cream all the time -- not exactly the worst pregnancy craving in the world!)

Farewell Angelina have a number of concert dates on their calendar in the coming months. Once Torres gives birth, the group will invite a guest musician along or perform as a trio at a few shows, until she is ready to hit the road again.

"I still can't believe that I'm having a baby most days, but this announcement makes it feel even more real, and I love getting to share this experience with these amazing women on the road," Torres says in a press release. "We've been dying to let our friends and fans know about this incredibly exciting news!"

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