Reckless Kelly have been one of the highlights of the Texas music scene for over 15 years, and it seems like every song that RK releases to Texas radio can be penciled in to the Top 5 of the charts. And with good reason; this is one of the coolest, most talented bands you're going to come across. Their latest single, 'She Likes Money, He Likes Love' from the album 'Good Luck & True Love' shows off both of these attributes.

Reckless Kelly's follow up to the very country-sounding single 'Pennsylvania Avenue' changes pace considerably. 'She Likes Money' shows off the band's Alt-Country side, featuring edgy vocals from Willy Braun, David Abeyta's slick guitar, and a fast, pounding drums from Jay Nazz. The song about a rebellious relationship opens with the chorus:

She likes money, and he's got money
He likes love, she got more than enough
And they'll stay together till they find some better
She likes money, he likes love

The entire song, summed up in roughly 20 seconds. Nice. But there's more.

He says: Everybody's gonna think we're crazy
Because you're so much younger than me, baby
But it's alright, it's alright with me
And everybody gonna point their fingers
They're gonna take up all about the dangers of messing
With a guy like me, yeah

We've heard from the 'He', now it's time for the 'She' in the song:

She says: To me age is nothing but a number
Cut and dry, like it over and under
It's alright, it's alright with me
But sometimes you gotta take some chances
Wicked dealing with modern romances
'Cause sometimes we just gotta believe, yeah, I believe

Rebellious love. It's a timeless storyline, and makes for a great Alt-country song. But it wouldn't be complete without society's negative view of the two lovers. Thank goodness for verse 3:

And everybody says
Did you hear about the car that he bought her?
Don't you know that that's somebody's daughter?
It ain't cool, it ain't cool with me
And pretty soon she's gonna leave him
Up to him it's her job to please him
It's his job to give her what she needs

This is a cool song, complete with an intense, energy-infused guitar solo from Abeyta. Way less country than the previous Reckless Kelly radio single, but this is RK. Most bands wouldn't get away with releasing a song as off-the-beaten-path from mainstream country or red dirt, but these guys do, and they will. Take a listen:

Reckless Kelly 'She Likes Money, He Likes Love'

What do you think of the song? I love that pretty much everything this band does will be met with approval by its gigantic (and constantly growing) fan base, because the band's sound is unique, the songwriting is clever, and their musical talent is top-notch. That's a winning formula no matter how you slice it. That being said, 'She Likes Money, He Likes Love' is a reminder that it's time to pencil in another Reckless Kelly song into the Top 5, and probably #1.

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