A man hiking in Arizona rappelled down a 350 canyon to rescue a dog that was trapped there. Watch this heartwarming video that highlights the rescue and shows how the dog is doing after the rescue.

Zachary Anderegg rescued 'Riley' in 2010 from a 350 foot canyon in Arizona, but the story is still receiving national attention. As you can see in the video (above), Zachary records the rescue from the time he discovered the trapped dog, to after the rescue. 'Riley' was literally clinging to life when he was found. But, Zachary not only found him, but let him become part of their family.

If you want to skip to the part when 'Riley' actually appears in the video, it's at the 2:20 mark.

Since the rescue, 'Riley' and his new family have appeared on several news stations including NBC's 'Daytime'. The story even spawned a book by Zachary called "Rescuing Riley, Saving Myself". You can also keep up with 'Riley' on Facebook.

What a great story. We wish that everybody shared Zachary's compassion for our furry friends.

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