The 2011 Dachshund Races will be Thursday July 21 at the Festival Gardens across from the Abilene Zoo. For the last four years I have been the master of ceremonies and race track announcer. There have been times where I could not contain my laughter during a race because those low-rider dogs are so unpredictable and funny. I can honestly say that dachshund races are funnier to watch than a monkey riding a dog. While the races are fun and has brought hundreds of dachshunds to the race in previous years, this years race brings an additional challenge of 87 rescued dachshunds from Mesquite that are needing homes.

If fact, Rescue The Animals Director Paul Washburn said that of the 87 dachshunds from mesquite, 35 are ready to be adopted now. Washburn says "The remainder are still in shelters in and near Mesquite and will need to be adopted as well." All 87 came from a single owner that passed away, leaving the little guys homeless. If you are interested in, and you have the capacity to adopt, contact our local Rescue the Animals.

As for the Dachshund races there is no charge to enter and no charge to attend and watch the races. However, there will be a vaccination clinic taking place simultaneously and the cost for shots is only $19.95, no appointment necessary. Bing your kids, bring a lawn chair and get ready to laugh and have a fun time. Before you know it you'll hear me yell, dachshunds start your engines. As for that monkey riding a dog that's still pretty funny.

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