Luke Bryan performed at the 56th Daytona 500 Sunday and was asked about his NASCAR experience by the folks at NBCS. Luke compared touring to being a NASCAR driver. He said "both have these teams of people buzzing around them to make sure the show goes off smoothly. All the while I'm the one in the drivers seat". Here's how Bryan views the two professions.

Bryan went on to describe the similarities between a successful driver and pit crew and a successful country artist and their road crew.

“The comparisons and analogies between what singers and drivers do, I am only as good as all the people around me, and so are the drivers,” Bryan said. “I have 60 guys that work for me out on the road that move me town to town and make me who I am.

“Without those guys, it doesn’t happen. It doesn’t run smoothly and it doesn’t work. We huddle up every day and talk about how we can make things better. As a NASCAR driver, in probably the most competitive environment on the planet Earth, you have to have a big, strong team around you as a driver, you have to have a great crew, great people, working on your stuff, looking after you and keeping you safe.

“There’s so many similarities, it’s really neat to be here and watch the camaraderie with teams and how focused they are. This is their day to shine, just like when I’m about to go on stage and we’re all ready to go do our thing, too.”

Source: NBC

When Luke was asked if he has a favorite driver, he said that he doesn’t have one particular driver he pulls for, he's friends with several drivers. Bryan says he grew up in southwest Georgia watching NASCAR and cheering for Cale Yarborough.

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