Some Texans take it for granted that they live in THE BEST state in the Union. Texas offers its residents so many wonderful, exciting, and fun opportunities, beautiful landscapes and amazing scenery and wildlife along with some rich history, sadly though, Texans do not take advantage of these opportunities.

There are just some places that EVERY Texan should visit at least once.

You could spend half a day driving the roads of the Lone Star State and barely make it out of the state! Say you're in Amarillo and you want to see the Gulf Coast shores of Galveston, you'll be behind the wheel for almost 10 hours. Now to get from Amarillo, in the Texas Panhandle, to Brownsville, in South Texas, that drive is nearly 12 hours. Going from East to West, from Longview to El Paso you'll be on I-20 and I-10 for over 11 hours!

With so much to do in the state, the half-day drive or more is well worth it.

Along the way, there's so much natural beauty to take in, historic locations to visit, activities to take part in, and thrills to experience. From Big Bend National Park in the southwest to the Angelina National Forest in the east, from The Alamo in San Antonio to the historic Texas School Book Depository in Dallas, there is so much for Texans to do and to learn.

With summer on the way and some vacation time to burn it's time to plan to hit the road and when you do so, you've got to visit these Texas cities and experience at least one thing that makes them special to Texas.

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EDIT: This was originally published March 27, 2024