The Swenson House at 1726 Swenson Street was built in 1910 by W.G. and Shirley Swenson. Originally built on 58 acres, it now sits on a two-acre city block. Today the Swenson House is on the Register of Historic Places, and used for weddings, receptions, parties, and of course, Haunted Abilene. The house is currently owned by the Swenson House Historical Society, a nonprofit organization.

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The Society works to protect & maintain its contents. It is making the Swenson House accessible to schools, universities, civic groups, and individuals for education, community events, partnerships with civic organizations, docent guided tours, volunteer opportunities, rentals, and events. We ask you to join and support us in keeping the Swenson House a vibrant cornerstone in the City of Abilene for many years to come! [Swenson House Historical Society]

While tours are available year-round, the best time to really see the house is on a visit to Haunted Abilene. This year's theme is "Hollywood Horror". Our friend and host of Exploring With Project Bad, Nick Summers, was able to get a sneak-peek preview of what to expect at Haunted Abilene.

How much does Haunted Abilene cost?

The Haunted Abilene tour costs $15 per person. Bonus scare - for age 13 and older only - costs $5.

When is Haunted Abilene open?

Get spooked at the Swenson House on both October 27 and October 28 from 7 pm-10 pm. According to Nick, Haunted Abilene is "the best haunted house tour West Texas has to offer". I believe him.

Remember the guy who gave us an inside look at the white mansion on Buffalo Gap Road? That's Nick, the same guy giving us this little peek into Haunted Abilene. Keep an eye on his Youtube channel as he uploads new videos all the time.


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