How I miss the man the media labeled "The Great Communicator", I don't care what side of the political isle you sit on, this President was funny, laying all politics aside I was not a big fan of politics back then but I knew if I watched for any length of time during any of the presidents press conferences he would start his old tired and true vaudevillian comedy routine. And if you didn't watch out he would have you eating right out of the palm of his hand. He was a class act.

I think America needs a good laugh!

His humor and his wit were the keys to disarming anyone he was speaking with. He might have run for office like a politician but Ronald Reagan was far from being a politician in my opinion, he was the great communicator and moreover he was the best salesman I've ever seen.

His wit was disarming to a point. You tended to give in on your argument because you were laughing so hard.

He managed to not only confront his opponents here in the United States but leaders from other countries seemed to be lulled into his sense of humor and bought into whatever he was selling and/or pushing.

Reagan, knew which ants were on the ball and which ant's were flying through the air, you'll just have to see the entire video to get the part.

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