Pottytraining can be frustrating, not to mention time consuming, cutting into precious minutes a toddler could be spending watching Dora the Explorer, but not anymore! Meet the iPotty, a training toilet with a built-in holder for an iPad so your toddler can use the restroom just like a grownup -- while playing Angry Birds and watching Netflix.

Let's face it, parents, bathrooms are BOOORING. What do you expect your toddler to do in the time it takes them to expel the day's mac & cheese and dinosaur chicken nuggets from their bodies? Stare at the wall? Use their imaginations? Rubbish! It's pretty much child abuse if you don't keep your child entertained while they do their business. I mean, when's the last time YOU went to the bathroom without the Internet in your hands?

Keeping your child entertained isn't the only function of the iPotty, read what reviewers on Amazon had to say:

iPotty Review

"I bought this for myself because, let's face it, I'm a busy lady on the 'go' (pun intended!) and I don't always have time to properly do my business when there is so much internetting to be done. Fortunately, I was blessed with a pretty minuscule frame and some freakish flexibility, so I am able to mount this sucker like a barely-oversized toddler," wrote Laura Hattaway.

David Worthington agreed with Laura's sentiment, writing, "The iPotty is the perfect solution for the discerning business class traveler who just wants to sit back and let things fly. Members of the 'free drink club' favor convenience -- waiting in a line is simply unacceptable."

Why Deprive Your Child of the iPotty?
Hemera / Amazon

Great points, Laura and David!

And just look at the difference the iPotty makes in the above photo! Why deprive your child when, for just $39.99 plus shipping, you could give them the opportunity to take selfies while tinkling?

BONUS POTTY TRAINING TIP: Instead of rewarding your potty training child with stickers and M&Ms, try Godiva chocolates or better yet, diamonds! They've earned them after watching Caillou with their Pull-Ups down on the iPotty.

Happy Potty Training!

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