You say the name Texas, and most people immediately think of cowboy hats and spurs. The images of the wild west, cowboys, and ranchers are a big part of the Lone Star States legacy.

Here is a quick look at some of the most famous ranches in Texas.

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Everything Is Bigger In Texas, Including The Ranches

The old saying about things being bigger in Texas rings true. Especially when it comes to ranches.


For instance, take King Ranch into consideration. This massive operation clocks in at over a staggering 800,000 acres. Their operation is so big it can't even be contained by the Lone Star State.

They even have an operation in Florida.

Then there's Waggoner Ranch. Waggoner has over 500,000 acres. They proudly tout the title of "Largest Ranch Under One Fence."

For Some Its The History, Legacy, And Legends

XIT Ranch is one of the most famous in Texas history. Today, the heritage of the legendary ranch lives on in operations west of Channing, TX and in Colorado.


6666 (Four Sixes) Ranch rose to prominence thanks to the show Yellowstone. Everyone in the world, it seemed, caught 6666 fever and had to know everything about the ranch.

While not a comprehensive list of ranches that have played a hand in shaping the heritage of the Lone Star State, this list is good start.

Check out our look at these Texas ranches below. From the massive, to the legendary...

Check Out These World Famous Texas Ranches

Some are massive. Some are legends. Check out these Texas ranches.

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