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Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller wants to have an honest conversation about cannabis and its prohibition in the United States and in Texas.

Not only does Miller want to have a conversation, he wants to be the driving force behind expanding "compassionate use" of medical marijuana in Texas. The question is, do either the governor or lieutenant governor want to engage in such a debate?

In a press release this past Friday that probably would have made much larger news if it hadn't been a Friday and other major news stories broke over the weekend, Miller issued an editorial on "Standing Up For Compassionate Use."

Miller begins by taking a look back on the history of cannabis prohibition, which he says, "came from a place of fear not from medical science or analysis of social harm." Miller continues by saying the "roots of this came from a history of racism, classism, and a large central government with an authoritarian desire to control others. It is as anti-American in its origins as could be imaginable."

The Texas Agriculture Commission then calls for a new chapter and a new attitude towards marijuana and medical marijuana in particular. Miller points to the conservative states that have expanded medical marijuana and even recreational marijuana, which Miller admits Texas may not be ready for just yet.

But it's Miller's calls to expand compassionate use of medical marijuana that stands out the most and could put him at odds with other top state leaders.

From his editorial:

It is my goal next year to expand access to the compassionate use of cannabis products in Texas so that every Texan with a medical need has access to these medicines.

When four out of five Texans support compassionate use, we need to have state law and state policy reflect that desire. I will urge our state legislature and our Governor to make that a top priority in the upcoming legislative session.

It is time for all of us, including the Governor, members of the Texas Legislature and others to come together and set aside our political differences to have an honest conversation about cannabis: where we have been, where we are going and what role government should properly play.

We owe it to our fellow Texans, especially those who are suffering, to lead or just get out of the way if we cannot formulate effective cannabis policy for Texas.

You can read Commissioner Miller's full press release here.

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